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Taurus (Vrishabh) - Zodiac (Rashi)


Taurus (Vrishabh) : April 21 - May 21

Taureans are placid, level-headed, reliable people who resist change and enjoy their physical comforts. Being an earth sign, Taureans are practical and determined by nature. They move slowly but resolutely towards a goal, usually achieving what they set out to achieve. Taureans are good to have around in times of crisis, as they lend an air of stability and security.

Taureans are trustworthy and loyal, and they prefer their friends to be faithful and reliable. They favour routine over change and usually have a favourite chair in the living room and particular habits or routines by which you could set a clock.

The planet Venus rules Taurus, hence Taureans appreciate beauty, particularly in music. It is often possible to pick a Taurean man by the size or quality of his home music system. A little background noise is not for them, and they are often prepared to go to great lengths to own a stereo system capable of producing good, clean sounds.

In their later years, many Taureans enjoy gardening and often produce healthy herb or vegetable gardens.

When out of themper, soothing music or a favourite food usually calms Taureans down. The typical Taurean enjoys food and has a tendency to go through phases with preferred foods. One month it may be a desire for shavings of soft cheese inside a warm roll, the next month it may be ice-cream.

When a Taurean assists you in some way, consider it a trade, as they will doubtless expect assistance in return at some stage. This is not to suggest that Taureans are calculating, but that fairness is important to them.

The nature of the Taurean is one of accumulation. Whether it’s money, possessions, houses, musical instruments or simply stockpiling food, they work hard to get what they want and derive great fulfilment from ownership.

Whenever Taureans want to purchase something they search hard for a bargain. They want good quality. But it need not be fancy. They expect their possessions to last a very long time, which they usually do because Taureans look after their possessions carefully.

Taureans need to guard against valuing things above people, for their pursuit of material possessions can sometimes come between them and their partners or families.

As parents, Taureans are patient and compassionate. They rarely lose their tempers and will put up with a great deal before they become angry. However, they can be very stubborn and it is difficult to move a bull when it digs in its heels.

Singers and musicians often have strong Taurean influence in their charts, as Taurus rules the neck and throat, enhancing self-expression through the voice. They are suited to careers in music or selling and maintaining musical instruments. They prefer a steady, stable work environment and resent being rushed to complete a project. Being essentially methodical and practical, they are suited to work where patience and steady application are required. This includes engineering, accounting and real estate.

Relationships :

Taureans are generally affectionate and sensual, typical earth sign characteristics. However, they can be possessive and are happiest in a relationship which is based around routine, as this increases their feelings of security.

Essentially realistic, Taureans are prepared to work hard to win the one they love and to build a relationship and a lifestyle which centres around all the creature comforts. The way to a Taureans heart is through their stomach.

Because they are slow to change patterns, Taureans like plenty of time to think things through, in order to get used to the idea of a new behaviour before they have to embrace it. This is why Taureans plan relationship changes carefully. When a Taurean spontaneously tells you about a change they are going to make, you can be sure that they have thought it through very carefully. They like to appear to be spontaneous, while enjoying life’s routines.

Health :

Taureans often experience tension in the neck and throat when stressed and, because of their sensual nature, they respond well to massage to relieve tension.

The thyroid gland, located in the neck, regulates the rate of metabolism and, consequently, body growth. This is another area of concern for Taureans when they are placed under great stress.

Earth signs value their physical health, and Taureans usually exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet as past of their routine, thereby ensuring continued good health. If they do not exercise regularly, excess weight can become a health issue in later years.

Negative Taurus :

Negative Taureans can be lazy, jealous, stubborn, self-centred and extravagant. The usual Taurean sense of fairness and loyalty are missing in this type, and they will often insist that their relationship partner changes to suit them. They can be unfaithful in love and greedy, both in their physical and sensual appetites. Sometimes, as a result of a great loss, the negative Taurean can become detached from everyone and everything, using relationship partners only for sensual fulfilment and then discarding them. This type often fails to value material possessions, which they routinely lose or destroy.

Some negative Taureans, however, value material things above people and spend their lives in pursuit of material possessions.

Taurus Lesson :

The most important lesson for Taureans is to decide what is valuable in like. As earth signs enjoy the material world, there is a tendency for Taureans to place a greater emphasis on possessions rather than people and learning. Also, because Taureans prefer stability to change, they need to be aware that theirs is not the only way to do things, not the only way to live a life, earn an income, raise a family and so on.

Taureans need to guard against single-mindedness as this can lead to a narrow view of life. When Taureans learn detachment, they can see there is more to like than possessions. Once this lesson is learned, true peace and contentment awaits.

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