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Capricorn (Makar) - Zodiac (Rashi)


Capricorn (Makar) : December 23 - January 20

Capricorns are actively practical: their cardinal nature makes them ambitious and their earth sign qualities make them practical enough to work actively towards their goals.

Generally serious, responsible and patient, these people are usually prepared to work hard for their achievements. Being practical, they have little time for fate, preferring to create their fate through effort and perseverance. This is one of the key elements in the typical Capricorn’s success. While other signs might await the right opportunity, Capricorns prefer to do something that will move them even slightly towards their desired goals. Naturally, they encounter many obstacles along the way, some of which might have been avoided by waiting for the right opportunity, but their determination usually helps them to succeed in their plans.

Capricorns take their responsibilities seriously and can become critical of those around them who do not share their sense of seriousness, especially in the workplace.

Capricorns tend to be serious and responsible even as children, and often seem like old souls in young bodies.

Capricorn children are often good with money from an early age and it is not uncommon for them to lend money to their parents. Saving comes naturally to Capricorns and they often deny themselves in order to save money for a goal.

Capricorns love structure and they tend to increase the structure or the rules of any situation in which they are involved. This is why politics appeals to the Capricorn type. They are suited to any career that involves administration and organizing others by implementing structure, such as law, politics and accountancy. They are astute investors and can be very disciplined financially.

Capricorns often prefer their own company to crowded social situations. They are careful in their choice of friends, being essentially reserved and traditional in their thinking. Capricorns often feel inferior or undeserving and to compensate, they work very hard to justify their rewards.

Reputation is extremely important to Capricorns, and they tend to feel that it is slowly earned and easily lost. They go to great lengths to ensure a good reputation, especially in their first 30 years of life. When they reach their sixties, Capricorns tend to relax a little, feeling that they have discharged their duties and responsibilities adequately. At this point they start the childhood which they did not have time for when they were younger.

In simple terms, Capricorns tend to start life as old people and grow younger in their later years. They can even become a little eccentric in their seventies and eighties.

Capricorns make important decisions slowly, thus reducing the likelihood of mistakes. In a crisis, these people are likely to offer practical, realistic advice and a helping hand. They are slow to change direction, slow to embrace new opportunities and slow to forgive past hurts. They prefer to remain in a different situation which is familiar than to risk losing what they have by changing to another potentially unsuitable situation.

‘Better the devil you know’ is an apt description of the Capricorn attitude to life.

Capricorns tend to be serious and even a little pessimistic about themselves and life’s possibilities.

Capricorns have an innate respect for law and order and for tradition, and they tend to resist change. As parents, they can appear to be stern and strong disciplinarians; alternatively, they can be lax, for they are rarely around the home as their careers consume all of their time and energy.

Being long-term planners, Capricorns appreciate the value of education and a good start in life. They work hard to provide all those things necessary for their children’s education or to improve their career prospects.

Capricorns tend to avoid showy displays of wealth, preferring instead to save what they can or to invest in real estate. They can be hoarders, afraid to throw away anything that might be useful later on in life.

They often possess a dry, understated sense of humors, which can go undetected due to their straight-faced delivery.

Relationships :

In love, Capricorns tend to be reserved, preferring to show affection only in private. They avoid wild promises and reckless behaviour which could compromise their reputations. They choose their partners carefully, fully aware that a mistake is something they would have to live with for a long time.

Although not very passionate, Capricorns are solid, dedicated and dependable. In fact, they are the perfect partner to replace a negative Sagittarian.

Capricorns prefer to be financially and emotionally independent, and tend to encourage their partners to be independent, too. This is not to suggest that they don’t like being in a relationship, but they do need space to fulfill their own purpose and to achieve their goals.

Although cautious in giving their commitment emotionally, once they do, Capricorns do not take their emotional commitments lightly. If they feel betrayed or unvalued in a relationship, they tend to look to careers for fulfillment, and in such cases they need to guard against work addiction.

Health :

The areas of concern for Capricorns are the knees, the teeth, the bones and the gall bladder. They are prone to skin complaints, including occasional rashes.

Capricorns need to keep up their intake of food as, unlike Taureans and Librans, they do not have a strong attraction for food, especially when under stress. While the Taurean or Libran might seek solace in food in times of stress, the Capricorn is more like to avoid food during stressful periods, depleting their energy reserves at a crucial time.

The negative Capricorn tends to have more difficulties with their bones and their teeth. Soft teeth, which decay early, are often a complaint of this type.

Negative CAPRICORN :

When negative, Capricorns tend to become narrow-minded about life, and they seek ways to ensure that others follow their philosophy of how life should be. As they seek to control people, they can become suspicious of their motives. This suspicion reflects their own hidden motives.

Negative Capricorns can be intolerant of others, morbid, serious and antisocial. They are stingy to the point of embarrassment.

These people can be worriers who constantly fear loss of control. This is especially so in business. The Capricorn prefers to do everything themselves, but if they have to delegate work, they usually check up on the job and change it if they feel it was not done the way they prefer.

Negative Capricorns are often in need of a holiday, a rest and a lighter attitude to life. They feel that life has been unkind to them and, in turn, they are bitter.

As parents, negative Capricorns can be very demanding and intolerant of creative endeavors, preferring practical results and realistic goals.

These people tend to suffer from a poor sense of self-worth and, plagued by self-doubt, they limit themselves. They even limit their dreams and aspirations, often condemning themselves to a life of routine and boredom.


The lesson for Capricorn is to be aware of the alternatives in a given situation. They also need to remember that self-worth can stem from themselves, not just from their achievements. These people can find it hard to accept nurturing from others, as they feel undeserving or that the nurturing comes at too high a price. Capricorns hate to lose control and they are ever aware of situations which might get out of hand.

The Capricorn lesson involves learning to find alternatives outside of the structure they give their lives, to ensure that they are free to grow and develop in many directions.

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