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Scorpio (Vrishick) - Zodiac (Rashi)


Scorpio (Vrishick) : October 24 - November 22

The glyph for Scorpio represents the male sexual organ, which is indicative of the Scorpio fascination with sex. The sign of Scorpio is usually represented by the scorpion, although it is sometimes pictured as an eagle. When cornered, a scorpion will sting you or, if unable to do so, will sting itself. This tells us a little about the pride of those born in Scorpio. However, the eagle can rise above past hurts, maintaining its inner peace and achieving great heights of spiritual and emotional development. The eagle is representative of a Scorpio who has reached emotional maturity.

Scorpio is a water sign, so these people feel what is right for them intuitively. As a fixed sign, they can be stubborn and firm of purpose. Try dissuading a Scorpio from some plan or purpose and you’ll soon understand what fixed signs are like.

As water is not suited to be fixed in nature, Scorpios can experience inner distress from time to time. Water flows, evaporates and falls, but rarely does it sit still for too long. One way to keep water fixed is to freeze it, and when applying this to emotions, it suggests periods of emotional coldness or stagnation due to unreleased emotional pain. When the heart is warmed and the ice melts, tears follow as the emotions flow once again. After the tears, Scorpios are usually open to understanding and emotional healing.

Scorpios often experience life as distinct chapters, and people and situations belonging to one chapter disappear from their lives when the chapter closes. This is due to the ruling planet for Scorpio: Pluto.

Pluto is the bringer of change, and sometimes finds it necessary to destroy the old to make way for the new. As a result, Scorpios often have only a few close friends who travel through life with them; the rest are acquaintances who pass out of their life with the closing of a chapter.

Most Scorpios have a strong intuition which usually emerges as a ‘gut feeling’ when they meet someone new. The typical Scorpio will size someone up in a matter of seconds and once they have made up their mind about them, they rarely change their opinions. To be fair, they are often right first time when deciding about people. They may not know a great deal about those they meet, but they know whether they can trust them.

Scorpios do not make friends easily, but they are loyal to those friends they have, and defend their friends vigorously should the need arise. They are strong, silent types, who lend weight to the saying ‘still waters run deep’. Naturally secretive, they can be relied upon to keep a secret, unless they have strong air aspect (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) in their chart.

Scorpio people tend to test their friends and their partners, in order to discover their limitations. Although they lose some friends and partners as a result of this process, it does not seem to dissuade them.

Scorpios have the ability to penetrate to the core of a matter, and this predisposes them to investigative work. Police detectives, insurance investigators, private detectives, psychiatrists, psychologists and clairvoyants all utilise the penetrative qualities which Scorpio people possess.

Owing to their investigative nature, it can be very difficult keeping a secret from a Scorpio. Their intuition tells them that something is amiss and this activates their investigative skills, prompting them to scour their surroundings for evidence to support their feelings.

Those who attempt to deceive a Scorpio are usually unsuccessful and it is unlikely that they will be forgiven for their transgression. However, although strangers usually only get one chance to cross a Scorpio, friends are excused from time to time. It’s that Scorpio loyalty again. They may forgive you, but don’t delude yourself that you won’t have to pay for hurting the Scorpio. You’ll have to pay; probably with interest for the time they have spent waiting to even the score.

Scorpios love the sea and prefer stormy or turbulent seas to tranquil waters. Standing at the edge of a cliff overlooking turbulent seas seems to refresh them, and they are usually fearless where danger is concerned.

Relationships :

Scorpios prefer strong partners. Emotional strength is tested thoroughly before a Scorpio trusts deeply. Upon meeting a partner for the first time, a Scorpio person often knows how strong they are emotionally, yet despite this they still feel the need to test their partners before they let their guards down.

Deeply passionate people, Scorpios are not ideal partners for those who desire a comfortable, peaceful relationship. Disliking any type of weakness in others, Scorpios are likely to push their partners to overcome their weaknesses, which can be an obstacle to intimacy. However, pursuing a relationship with a Scorpio is usually worth the effort.

Sex for Scorpios is about a meeting of souls, and this deep intimacy can show their partners levels of themselves they had not previously realised. For those who approach sex as a sensual act, a Scorpio partner could prove intimidating, however. Having a relationship with a Scorpio can be like taking the fastest, most challenging ride at the fairground. It is a challenge worth pursuing.

The typical Scorpio is jealous, although they may not show it in any obvious way. Loyalty is very important to them and once they are confident that they have someone’s loyalty, they tend to relax the rules a little. It is inadvisable to cheat on a Scorpio partner, as these people have a way of instantly knowing when something is wrong. They usually find out about an affair and they are apt to get even.

Health :

Scorpios are prone to problems with the nose, the adenoids, the sex organs, the bladder and the bowel.
In their later years, Scorpio women may need surgery owing to problems with their reproductive organs.

Negative SCORPIO :

When negative, Scorpios can turn their stings out towards others or in on themselves.
When they turn inwards, any anger or resentment is suppressed, leading to depression or passive-aggressive behaviour. When turned outwards, the Scorpio sting can be lethal. This is summed up neatly by the saying ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’.

The negative Scorpio can display an unusually well-developed appetite for sex, drugs and alcohol. These people are magnets for conflict and make excellent spies, private investigators and contract killers.

Private investigators utilise some of the Plutonian qualities of investigation and the search for truth.

The negative Scorpio has a great deal of difficulty trusting their relationship partner, because they know how easy it is to cheat on someone. They cannot believe that their partners chose to be faithful to them.

Negative Scorpios are secretive, mistrustful and seek control over everyone and everything they come across. They clearly remember the times when they have been powerless and seek to redress these memories by gaining as much power as possible.

The negative Scorpio needs to learn how to forgive and release the past, in order to live more fully in the present.

SCORPIO Lesson :

The planet Pluto rules Scorpio and Pluto brings change, often by destroying or removing the present structure. The lesson for those born in the sign of Scorpio is to learn that there can be strength in surrender. Sometimes, the most appropriate thing to do in a situation is to surrender to a force greater than yourself. The pride, tenacity, stubbornness and determination of the typical Scorpio makes it almost impossible for them to surrender.

Scorpios have no time for emotional weakness, so before they can surrender to a force that is greater than themselves, they need to understand that they are not being weak.

Knowing when to give up and when to hold on is a part of the lesson for Scorpio, and this can be simplified with the use of their intuition.

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