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Sun-Sign Fashion Tips - Zodiac (Rashi)

sun sign fashion tips

Explore your own special universe of style by scoping out your best fashion looks by sign. With a little help from the stars you can gain insight into your fashion consciousness and get a better understanding of just what suits you.


A child in your fashion heart, you are drawn to and look outstanding in primary colors - especially red. Not one to like to dress up, you'll catch someone's eye in lean but comfy jean styles and athletic inspired tops. Run with the season's most colorful sneakers - collect them for constant compliments!


You tend to pass up a trendy look for something much more down to earth. Vintage inspired or classic separates in fashion's latest shades of brown and green look stellar on you. Generally one to wait for sales, this year's most helpful fashion tip for you may be, "If you like it, buy it - now!"


It's hard to pin you down to one characteristic look, except that you're noticeably big on variety and hip to trends. Matched outfits make you squirm as Gemini's are typically born with good fashion instincts that allow for lots of mixing and matching. Oh, and lets talk about how soft yellows, blues and greens look absolutely yummy on you.


You tend to let your clothes speak for your soft, sensitive inner nature. You work hard to find just the right pieces that match how you feel on the inside with how you look on the outside. Shell and pearly shades of white, gray and silvery blue do wonders for you. And with that Cancer bod that just doesn't quit, show it off, at least occasionally, with soft, clingy or body skimming things.


Like the sun, you're brighter and hotter than anyone else in your orbit. That charisma means you can wear daring, flashy and shiny, sexy things that would look desperate on any other sign but yours. There's usually room for gold - even if it's just your watch - with almost every outfit. Yellow, orange, red and green bring out the be(a)st in you.


Where there's a mirror, there's a Virgo. Always well-dressed and perfectly pulled together, you're constantly catching your reflection, to make sure every thing is still in its place. You tend to dress in classic monochromatics with a hint of retro detail. You feel silly in anything too trendy or bright, but do try to wake up your outfits by adding a hint of yellow-y green or something that's pastel.


You have a knack for knowing just what to wear anywhere. You'll shop till you drop to find the best outfit - that's safe - to avoid any fashion mistakes. You're happiest when the whole look is by the same designer or label, because you know it's a match. Get a little more daring with bold, compelling accessories - to balance out the "safeness" of your looks.


You're the zodiac's hot prospect, few possess your magnetism and your quest for power even when it comes down to what you wear. Tailored and powerful, or mysteriously sexy and boyish is the look you like best. There's something so magical about deep burgundy or maroon on a Scorpio - it plays up your intensity.


Always in a rush, look for clothes that are no-fuss. Not just anything will do for you - you've got high standards - even if you do tend to under dress for every occasion. And no-fuss is probably the best look for you, as no matter how together you are when you walk out the door, by the end of the day you're always comfortably askew. Wear blues, purple or white.


You'll easily resist clothes that are inexpensive and trendy in favor of dollar-heavy, label conscious pieces you can wear for years. You like to dress rich and smart, with a sort of "Royal Family" look - cashmere's, khakis with valuable hand-me-down heirloom accessories. Take your wardrobe up a notch by buying into at least one new trend, in one of those deep rich tones you look so good in.


You have the most original sense of style in the zodiac. You just seem to draw whatever's hot, quirky and fun to wear into your eclectic wardrobe without a second thought. Just be careful that you don't end up the fashion victim by overdoing the trends. Whatever you wear, you'll look out-of-this-world in sky blue, electric blue and turquoise.


Glamour, romance and a touch of sentimental drama are your preferred sense of style. You like to dress to fit your mood and are easiest to spot, and usually at your best, in baby blues, barely there pinks and greens, in soft or flowy fabrics. Stay away from attention-grabbing shoes and choose comfort over style, if your feet are typically sensitive and Pisces-sized!

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