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Gemini (Mithun) - Zodiac (Rashi)


Gemini (Mithun) : May 22 - June 21

The typical Gemini has an active mind and body, loves a good conversation and is capable of seeing both sides of an argument at once. Like mercury, the silver-white metal remarkable for its fluidity at ordinary temperatures, Geminis are remarkable for their fluidity of mind. They can switch from one thing to another in an instant.

Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, is named after the Roman messenger of the gods, who was renowned for his business acumen, his eloquence and his physical dexterity. This sums up the Gemini type in a nutshell.

Geminis are drawn towards businesses where their communication skills are an asset. Geminis are not afraid to speak out and are rarely at a loss of words. If you want to hire someone with contacts, hire a Gemini. If they don’t know who can help you, they’ll know someone who knows someone.

Geminis often have amazing memories for numbers and quirky data. Telephone numbers and birth dates are stored away for retrieval at a moment’s notice. The Gemini memory can work to their disadvantage, however, when they need to decide between several alternatives. Typically Geminis will scan their memories in search of relevant information, sometimes becoming overwhelmed with information in the process.

As an air sign, Geminis often display an adaptable intellect, adaptability also being a common characteristic of the mutable signs of the zodiac. They have a thirst for information, so television, newspapers and books are highly valued. It is not unusual for Geminis to be halfway through five or six books at one time.

Naturally perceptive, Geminis are also eloquently witty in their appraisal of others. Their ability to see both sides of an issue can make it difficult for Geminis to make decisions, not because they want to be sure they select the best option, but because they want every option. Watching a Gemini trying to make a decision can prove exhausting. They will often discuss the choices with everyone who happens to walk by or with whoever answers the phone, just to make sure there is not a point of view they have overlooked.

Gifted communicators, Geminis are well suited to careers in fashion, teaching, advertising, writing, editing, sales, journalism, medicine and natural therapies, the diplomatic corps and the law. In legal battles, Geminis are able to turn the tide of an argument by seizing the moment and speaking convincingly and clearly, using their extensive memories to support their views.

The next time you have a conversation with a Gemini, take note of the way they seem to receive more information than they give. Geminis prefer to ask the questions; when questioned about themselves they will steer the conversation to another topic, or will clam up tight.

Sport appeals to Geminis, especially those disciplines which call for physical dexterity, such as gymnastics, high-jumping, dancing and so on. As Geminis tend to want to try everything possible and often several things at once, they are not the most reliable sign of the zodiac. They also have a strong natural curiosity, so if privacy is an issue, beware the prying eyes of a Gemini.

Relationships :

Preferring reason and logic to emotions, Geminis often fall in love with someone for the way their mind works or for their conversation. Instead of the Taurean sensuality, Geminis flirt with words. Long phone conversations that cover every topic imaginable are a natural part of the typical Gemini courtship, as the telephone enables them to be intimate yet physically distant.

Emotionally, Geminis can be somewhat inconstant, and you cannot expect them to be feeling the same way about you this afternoon as they were this morning. After all, hours may have passed since your last communication and, in that time, many conversations, thoughts, decisions, and actions have taken place. As a mutable air sign, Geminis can be like a wind which blows hot and cold.

When frustrated in a relationship, Geminis can become critical, their tongue every bit as sharp as a razor. Sometimes it is deliberate; at others, they fail to realise the power of words.

If you are in a relationship with a Gemini and experiencing communication difficulties, it may be worth your while to venture outside with your mobile phone or find a telephone booth and call them. A conversation which isn’t face to face can sometimes allow Geminis to open up more easily.

Geminis prefer plenty of freedom in relationships to explore life and its myriad possibilities. When feeling trapped or unable to leave a situation because of their commitments, Geminis will often escape via the telephone, enjoying conversations with people who are removed from their present situation.

Health :

The nervous system is a weak area for Geminis, and if they exhaust themselves on a daily basis, you can often see a tremor in their hands. Asthma and bronchial trouble need to be guarded against, because Geminis have a tendency to develop problems with the chest and lungs. All these areas need extra attention when Geminis are feeling stressed.

Negative GEMINI :

The sharp wit and quick mind of the Gemini can make this type caustic when negative, and somewhat two-faced. As they tend to agree with whoever is standing close to them at the time, it is easy to change the mind of a negative Gemini.

Negative Geminis can find it difficult to make a commitment to one partner at a time and can end up juggling several part-time lovers. They are usually able to justify their actions, no matter how inconsistent they may be, often believing that rules are for other people.

Often restless, critical and impatient, negative Geminis are quick to tell you that they can do your job better and more accurately than you, but in reality they have no intention of doing so, as action requires more effort than words. Their powers of observation are brought to bear upon those close to them, and they know how to inflict the deepest wound with the minimum number of words.

In the negative type, paranoia is often evident and because they know the power of information, they are reluctant to give out any information about themselves. Sometimes the negative Gemini can leave you feeling like you have just been interviewed by an investigative journalist.

Negative Geminis can be sceptical and are quick to ridicule any ideas or beliefs you hold with a savage comment or an off-hand verbal slap. They can become chronic complainers who criticise everyone and everything around them.

As forgers or counterfeiters, negative Geminis excel, for lying comes as naturally to them as speaking. In sales positions, they have no conscience. They’ll rent you a room in a hotel that hasn’t yet been built or sell you a car that isn’t theirs to sell and throw in a case-load of your own clothes at ‘half the usual price’.

GEMINI Lesson :

The lesson for Geminis is to learn to decide This sounds easy, but in deciding between several alternatives, it is necessary to choose one and eliminate the others. Geminis have difficulty accepting this, because they don’t want to exclude any of the other options.

Making a decision can be difficult when you only have your mind to guide you. Geminis need to apply their mind, heart and feelings to decide the best path in a given situation.

Mental discipline is another part of the lesson for Gemini. When the mind is disciplined, the heart can be heard, which is especially important when making significant life choices.

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