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Pisces (Meen) - Zodiac (Rashi)


Pisces (Meen) : February 20 - March 20

The glyph for Pisces represents two fish joined together by a cord. Pisceans, like the two fish that symbolise this sign, can adapt to the currents, especially emotional currents. These traits are strengthened because Pisces is both mutable (adaptable) and a water sign (emotional). Pisceans are usually sensitive to the feelings and the needs of others, often sacrificing their own needs to please other people.

The duality of the Piscean nature is symbolised by the fact that the fish are swimming in different directions. These people can be compassionate and patient when others disappoint them, or they can become cold and ruthless, unable to find sympathy or empathy for the needs of others.

Pisceans offer compassion and service for years at a time without thanks, sometimes even being abused for their efforts.

Pisceans sometimes avoid confrontation, tolerating difficult situations rather than voicing their frustration or disappointment. Thus things appear to run smoothly on the surface, but the problems still exist underneath.

These people are able to make great personal sacrifices if they feel that it is for the common good. They can be quite selfless, in a manner which can be a source of inspiration to others.

Keenly aware of the beauty in the everyday things in life, Pisceans seem to remind those who are constantly busy that miracles are all around them, waiting to be noticed.

Pisceans are romantic and sentimental people, with a well-developed sensitivity for pain in others. They are patient and tolerant with those who need assistance, even if those people don’t know it themselves.

Their innate compassion suits Pisceans for work involving animals, for they see that humans have a responsibility to look after all living creatures. Nursing, healing, alternative medicine and the psychic sciences appeal to Pisceans. Spirituality and the study of the purpose of life interests many Pisceans, so it is not unusual to find them immersed in religious studies or spiritual philosophy.

Being sensitive people, Pisceans need encouragement to succeed and, if encouraged, they can excel in artistic and creative endeavors.

Music, dance, acting and painting usually appeal to Pisceans, and they are better suited to these things than to routine work.

As Pisceans are sensitive to the people and situations around them, they need to take care they don’t become depleted of energy or depressed by their surroundings.

Being good listeners, people often confide in Pisceans. They are not always effective negotiators, however, as their need to keep peace and harmony can make them unassertive at times.

Pisceans can have difficulty pursuing their goals because, like fish, they tend to change direction when least expected. If observing a fish swimming in a tank, it appears to move with purpose. Within a short time it frequently changes direction, always with the same sense of purpose. So it is with Pisceans.

Being a water sign, those born in Pisces usually enjoy a view of water, whether it is a river, lake or the ocean.

Relationships :

In relationships, Pisceans are romantic and loyal. They tend to place their partners on a pedestal and ignore their faults. They are devoted to those they love and are usually prepared to sacrifice a great deal to ensure their partners’ happiness.

Pisceans need to guard against the ‘lost dog syndrome’. That is, they tend to collect partners who are lost and in need of love and compassion, then spend the entire relationship depleting their own reserves of energy to help their partners improve their lives. In some cases, Pisceans will build up their partners’ confidence, only to have their partners leave them for other relationships.

Health :

Pisceans can experience difficulties with their feet, including circulation problems, fluid retention, corns or simply unusually shaped feet, which can make finding the right shoes difficult. The mucous membranes and the glands of the body are also areas Pisceans need to be aware of in order to enjoy good health.

Being psychically sensitive, Pisceans need to ensure a balanced, positive work and home environment as their health can suffer if they are surrounded by negativity.

Negative PISCES :

Being a water sign, the negative Piscean can be attracted to liquids which help them escape reality, such as alcohol and certain types of drugs.

Negative Pisceans often live their lives waiting for their ‘big dream’ to come true. The big dream is a clearly detailed existence that will follow a lottery win or their discovery by a talent scout from Hollywood. This is not to say that those who are successful did not start out with a dream, but to point out that the negative Piscean is usually doing little or nothing towards making their dream come true.

Negative Pisceans can become martyrs, sacrificing their lives for the sake of someone who has squandered their own dreams.

PISCES Lesson :

The lesson for Pisceans it to replace selfishness or self-interest with humanitarian interest. They need to learn that the common good of humanity is greater than the needs of the self.

Pisceans also need to be aware of the difference between those ideas that can be made a reality and those that are simply fantasy. Part of the Piscean lesson involves living out the dream of what they believe their life can be.

They imagine the life they would truly love to live: every detail, from the reflection of their smiling face in the paint of their new car to the heavy scent of jasmine carried on the gentle breeze up the beach as they stand under the enormous fronds of a palm tree.

Now to the challenging part. The task is to make that dream real. Dream it and then be it. When they have sufficient desire to live the dream, they will find the obstacles in their way mere challenges. The lesson of the Piscean is not to be dissuaded by the obstacles.

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