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Vaastu Shastra

vaastu shastra

"Vaastu Shastra" the vedic architecture integrates the science of Ayurveda and Astrology by linking them with human lives. "Vaastu" Combines the earth's magnetic fields, the influence of planets and other celestial bodies along with cosmic rays and plays a vital role in happy family life and prosperity of business.

Vaastu Shilpa shastra, the ancient mystic science and art of designing and construction of buildings finds its origin Staptya Veda which in turn is part of Atharva Veda, one of the four vedas.

In today's age and time with growing urbanisation, paucity of space and more significantly the rampant sense of faithlessness in anything that modern science fails to explain, it is practically impossible to even dream of a home or office confirming to the laws of "Vaastu".

The universe is made up of the 5 basic elements (Panchaboothangal) i.e.

1. Wind (Air)

The North-west is the Vayusthana or the place of the wind. Hence the door, window or ventilatttor is to be constructed in the West in Northwest, without obstruction and the owner of such building experiences happiness, improvement in business and good friends.

2. Water

NorthEast is the Jalasthana or the place of water. If a well or an underground water storage facility (Sump) is build here, then the owner of the site is bound to experience happiness and prosperity.

3. Sky (Space)

The sky corresponds to the middle of the building is the Brahmasthana, it is very good if this place is built open to the sky without any Ups and downs in the middle of the building Owners of small sites may not find this idea feasible. Care should be taken, not to place any heavy objects here.

4. Earth

As the Southwest is the hardest part it can be compared to the earth. The higher this portion is in a building, the higher is the fame and fortune of the owner.

5. Agni (Fire)

The South East is the agnisthana or the place of the fire, hence the kitchen should be constructed here and fire should be lit facing the East, as fire should always be lit facing the East even while cooking , performing a yagna or while lighting the lamp for God.


Planet: Moon
Lordship: Vayu (Wind), Guests, Bathroom, Garage, Animals, Utilities, Pantry.


Planet: Mercury
Lordship: Kubera (Wealth), Mirrors (North wall), Jewels and other valuables, Children, Family room, Basement.


Planet: Jupiter
Lordship: Ishana (The Supreme Lord) Prayer, Shrines, Living room, Sun porch, Patio or deck.


Planet: Saturn
Lordship: Varuna (Waters), Dining room, Childrens room, Study room, Den.


The Brahma Sthana is here
This area should only be used for a courtyard or a religious shrine.
Human activity should be avoided.


Planet: Sun
Lordship: Surya (Health), Bathroom, Dining room, family room, bay windows, mirrors on east wall, storage of ghee, milk, oil, rosewater etc.


Planet: Rahu
Lordship: Nirriti (Dissolution), Heavy objects, Bedroom, no shrines or bathrooms.


Planet: Mars
Lordship: Yama (Lord of Death)
Dining room, no main entrances, Bed room, Bath room.


Planet: Venus
Lordship: Ishana (the Supreme Lord)
Kitchen, pantry, appliances, computers, exercise room, garage, weights. Not good for bedrooms or sleeping.

All the directions are governed / guarded by gods / celestial beings, who in turn govern the respective energy of nature, as stated below.

Direction / Energy Governed By
East Indira
West Varuna
North Kuber
South Yama
South-East (Fire) Agni
South-West (Land) Nirudhi
North-East (Water) Easwara
North-West (Air) Vayu
Center (Space) Bramha

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