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Aquarius (Kumbh) - Zodiac (Rashi)


Aquarius (Kumbh) : January 21 - February 19

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, which means that Aquarians relate to the world through thought and can be inflexible in their approach to life. They have strong beliefs about life that they will steadfastly maintain in the face of opposition from others.

Aquarians are usually friendly and are often original thinkers. They possess inventive, even erratic minds and can be described as truly broad-minded. Computing, science, invention, radio and television all appeal to Aquarians as career paths.

With their flair for invention and problem-solving, Aquarians often choose obscure solutions. When Aquarians first meet someone, they scrutinise them carefully. Not to determine their strengths and weakness (as a Virgoan would), but to examine their ideas and beliefs. Aquarians want to know what others think and believe, and why.

Aquarians are usually intuitive people, although not in the traditional way. In place of sitting still and clearing the mind in order to be open to new information, the Aquarian often leaps to the correct conclusion without knowing how they did so.

This is an interesting sign, in that it is a combination of tradition and innovation. They seek new approaches to old problems and often have to contend with their inner traditionalist which resists change.

Although very focused mentally on the subjects which interest them, they have a tendency to be absent-minded, especially about mundane things in life. Imagine a brilliant scientist who cannot record his or her theory on paper until they find their glasses, which are pushed up onto their head.

They are not usually argumentative, nor do they talk for the sake of it. Conversation to these people is for the exchange of ideas, but they argue about principles and ideals which they hold strongly.

Although gentle by nature, Aquarians can become fierce when there is a change to be made or when their freedom is at stake. When fighting a cause, they argue clearly and convincingly, and will undergo great personal sacrifice for the benefit of the group as a whole. They look to the future, pushing for what could be rather than working to maintain the present circumstances. Routine does not appeal to Aquarians, for they enjoy new frontiers and exploring life’s possibilities.

Exploring other countries, cultures and philosophies comes naturally to Aquarians, and they can be impatient with those whom they feel are narrow-minded.

Aquarians love to explore new things and as children they are keen to question the world and accepted beliefs. Aquarian children need to limit the time they spend around electrical toys and video games, as Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet, also rules body electricity. Overexposure to electrical games can accelerate the Aquarian child’s electrical or nervous energy, causing them to become easily exhausted and depleted.

Aquarians sometimes like to shock those around them out of their complacency.

Relationships :

In relationships, Aquarians prefer a good deal of freedom and allow their partners the same. They do not like to be possessed by their partners, nor do they become possessive.

Aquarians usually hesitate before making any deep, lasting commitments, as they need to be absolutely certain that it is for the best. Unlike the Libran, who needs to be in a relationship, the Aquarian doesn’t care one way or the other about having a close partner. They are more concerned with humanity as a whole rather than with any one particular person. Partners of Aquarians can sometimes feel that everyone else receives more attention from the Aquarian than they do.

A meeting of minds is what attracts Aquarians to a partner. For those who cling to tradition, an Aquarian partner may not be suitable. They can deliberately set out to shock complacent people through their words and actions.

Aquarians are not usually given to physical displays of affection, especially in public. Being the opposite sign to Leo, they are also opposite in their approach to love. While the Leo makes a big production of the courting period, the Aquarian finds conversation and ideas more appealing than romance. In fact, Aquarians can be distinctly unromantic in love, but they are usually steadfast in their commitment once they given have given it.

For those who enjoy plenty of freedom to see friends and pursue their own interests, a relationship with an Aquarian might suit them perfectly.

There is a certain detachment about Aquarians which some people find puzzling. It is not the aloofness of the Capricorn, which stems from a poor self-worth or an overactive sense of responsibility, but a detachment which results from preoccupied thoughts until something outside them demands their attention.

As ideals and beliefs are paramount to Aquarians, a harmonious long-term relationship is usually viable only with someone who shares their beliefs.

Health :

Aquarians need to take care of their ankles, calves and wrists, as they can experience problems with these areas at times. They need to ensure good circulation or they may suffer with varicose veins or cold hands and feet.

Body electricity is also an Aquarian concern, as Uranus (which rules Aquarius) rules electricity. Regular exercise and outdoor activity can assist in the re-balance of the fine electrical or nervous energy of the body.

When in poor health, Aquarians often respond well to psychic healing, homeopathy and radionics.

Negative AQUARIUS :

When negative, Aquarians love change for its own sake. They shock those around them for no particular reason and change the direction of their lives haphazardly, having lost any sense of long-term vision.

Negative Aquarians can be tactless and uninterested in learning how others think or feel. They can become rebellious, seeking to dismantle the old ways of doing things without giving sufficient thought to what could replace the present system.

The negative Aquarian can take the form of the radical without a true purpose. These people feel excluded from the group as they don’t conform. Instead, they cause havoc among those for whom routine is a comfortable necessity. Negative Aquarians can take the word ‘eccentric’ to new heights.

Negative Aquarians have to be careful around electricity, as they can affect electrical appliances around them when they become angry or overexcited.


The lesson for Aquarians involves seeing life for what it is, without the blinkers of tradition, and sharing this knowledge with humanity.

In astrology, the opposite sign can give clues about the sign being examined. The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo, and the lesson for Leo is to express one’s individuality. Aquarius has the opposite lesson to surrender individuality in favour of group effort and group recognition. It involves recognizing that each member of a group has something worthwhile to offer the group and that no single person is worth more than another.

Another aspect of the Aquarius lesson involves recognizing when traditional values are useful and when they are unnecessary baggage which impedes development or understanding of life.

Part of this lesson involves having faith. Faith that all of us truly want to reach the destination which awaits us all, and faith that the structure of beliefs and tradition is not actually necessary.

In place of fearing the unknown, Aquarians need to learn to understand it by asking the right questions. Sometimes clinging to tradition is merely an excuse for not facing one’s fears of the unknown. The Aquarian lesson involves learning to believe that there are answers to all of life’s questions, and that to explore the horizon, they sometimes have to leave the shore.

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