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Leo (Simha) - Zodiac (Rashi)


Leo (Simha) : July 23 - August 21

Leos think of life as a great adventure, with risks to be taken and glory to be won. They are naturally enthusiastic, energetic, flamboyant and, at times, tactless – all typical characteristics of a fire sign. As a fixed type, Leos are determined and persistent, but they also possess the qualities of positivity and optimism.

Leos are ambitious people, yet they are rarely ruthless or cunning in their pursuit of a goal. They think in grand terms, with a disregard for the tiny details.

Leos have a tendency to organise the lives of others, which can lead to arguments and disagreements. It is often out of genuine caring for others that Leos offer solutions, but they sometimes fail to realise that their help is neither sought or needed.

When angered, Leos are inclined to put their noses in the air and treat the offender with condescension. They can be outspoken when out of temper, revealing an arrogant side that is both abrasive and intolerant. However, their anger usually does not last long and their positivity and good humour returns swiftly. Leos quickly forget past arguments, but those they were arguing with may not be so quick to forget, especially after some of the things the Leo has said.

Where money is concerned, it is as though Leos possess a diploma in spending. They seem to believe that there is ‘plenty more where that came from’, and spend it as they please. They believe that tomorrow will provide for today’s purchases, so happily live on credit. Leos have bold plans and dreams, and take risks which lead either to riches or to poverty. They can often find others who will fund or support their dreams, enabling their dreams to become reality.

Leos believe that quality lasts long after price has been forgotten. Even poverty-stricken Leos have one good outfit or possession.

When financial problems loom, Leos are more likely to increase their incomes than decrease their expenses. Essentially spontaneous, they will risk overextending themselves financially from time to time.

Leos can be very generous, but sometimes their generosity is simply a show to attract the admiration of others. They tend to see themselves in terms of how they want to be seen by others, and this can lead to self-compromise.

With their natural flair for socialising, Leos are a boon to almost any gathering, and are unafraid of being the centre of attention. Even shy Leos are happy to be in the limelight when it suits them. Leos thrive on attention, praise and recognition from others, and these things are likely to motivate the typical Leo to work tirelessly towards a goal. They respond well to praise and even an occasional positive comment can rekindle their commitment and enthusiasm.

Leos are loyal and courageous, and, in their later years, when their outer pride has softened, they often reveal themselves to be big-hearted, soft-centred people, with a sense of playfulness and fairness. They enjoy strong leadership abilities and a natural creativity. When these skills are harnessed, Leos can achieve great success, especially as they also possess an inborn vitality and a confidence in their own abilities.

Leos may stubbornly resist change when shown a new idea or method but, given time to think it over privately, they are able to appreciate the other viewpoints. However, if pressed to change their beliefs or accept a new concept, they will often be loud in their condemnation, as they would rather dismiss something outright than admit they lack knowledge.

Leos make wonderful teachers as they are enthusiastic and can easily inspire their students. They love to talk and thrive on an audience, which suits them for sales and leadership positions. Their innate need to express themselves suits them to creative careers, provided they can find the inner strength to pursue their goals.

Relationships :

In love, Leos are incredibly romantic, but sometimes they are more in love with the idea of being in love than with the person they are courting.

Sometimes Leos can irritate their partners by forgetting that their partners are not merely an extension of themselves. A Leo’s partner may find it necessary to assert themselves from time to time, especially when Leo orders dinner for them, tells them what to wear or offers advice which is uninvited.

Generally, Leos are loyal in relationships and although they may seek the attention of others to feed their egos, they prefer one partner at a time.

Health :

The heart is a main area of concern to the Leo, as is the spine. As their bodies are quite flexible, they can sometimes suffer from back problems.

When under emotional stress, Leos can experience occasional muscle cramps or spasms. When depleted of energy, fevers can be a common complaint, but generally Leos have good recuperative powers.

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