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About Kumartuli

Potter's Hub, Kolkata

About Kumartuli


Kumartuli or Kumortuli is one of the well known place in Kolkata which is popularly known as potter’s town. Kumartuli is one of the old idol making hub of the city (approx 250 years old). Kumartuli is situated in Northern part of Kolkata very near to Shyambazar area.

According to Asiatic Society of Calcutta, it is estimated that the first Durga Puja in kolkata was celebrated nearly about 1606 AD and just after four years Kumartuli came into existence. The first patron of Kolkata’s potter’s town and initiator of the Durga puja in clay idols was Laxmikanta Roy Mazumder.

All types of clay idols such as Saraswati, Laxmi, Ganesh, Kartick, Kali, Vishwakarma, Durga etc are made at Kumartuli with attractive varieties. Among all making of Durga idols is famous at Kumartuli. It is estimated that more than 15,000 Durga idols are made every year and the numbers are still increasing.

kumartuli map Kumartuli is situated in Northern part of Kolkata very near to Shyambazar area. We can reach Kumartuli by hiring a cab or a taxi and it takes 25 to 30 minutes from Sealdah. Several buses depart from Sealdah and Howrah and also from other places from Kolkata.

The best way to buy idols is to reach there because there are lot of advantages of chosing the sizes of the idols with different price range. Most of the people usually booked the idols in advance so that people have less option going late.

Now a days potters had extended their business through online and there are many idols makers who export idols especially to US, Bangladesh, Canada and also in different parts of the world. They have made facility for the buyers to book the idols online from Kumartuli. Now a days idols of glass, fibres, bronze, stones are made and exported.