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maa durga

Different Forms of Maa Durga

Maa Durga | Different Forms

Different Forms of Maa Durga

different forms of maa durga

According to the Hindu mythology Navadurga is the nine forms of Goddess Durga or the manifestation of Goddess Durga, the Mother Goddess, in nine different forms. During the Navratri celebrations these nine forms of Durga Mata are worshipped together that occur four times throughout the year.

Nine forms of Maa Durga [English]
  • Devi Sailaputri
  • Devi Brahmacharini
  • Devi Candraghanta
  • Devi Kusamanda
  • Devi Skandamata
  • Devi Katyayani
  • Devi Kalaratri
  • Devi Mahagauri
  • Devi Siddhidatri
Nine forms of Maa Durga [Hindi]
  • शैलपुत्री
  • व्रह्मचारणी
  • चन्द्रघन्टा
  • कुशमन्दा
  • स्कन्दमाता
  • कात्यायनी
  • कालरात्री
  • महागौरी
  • सिद्धिदात्री
devi sailaputri

Devi Sailaputri

Devi Sailaputri is known as the daughter of Himalaya and she is the first among nine Durgas. According to legends, she was the daughter of Daksha, Sati-Bhavani wife of Lord Shiva. According to story, Daksha had organized a big Yagna and he did not invite Lord Shiva. But Sati being obstinate, reached there and Daksha insulted Shiva thereupon. Devi Sati could not tolerate the insult of her husband and burnt herself in the fire of Yagna. In her next birth in the name of Parvati - Hemvati she became the daughter of Himalaya and got married with Lord Shiva. As per Upanishad she had torn the egotism of Lord Indra, and some other Gods. Being ashamed they bowed and prayed that, "In fact, thou are Shakti, we all - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are capable by getting Shakti from you."
devi brahmacharini

Devi Brahmacharini

The second form of Durga Mata is Devi Brahamcharini. The idol of Goddess Brahamcharini is very gorgeous and charming carrying a rosary in her right hand and Kamandal in her left hand.
According to story in her previous birth she was known as Parvati- Hemavati the daughter of Himalaya. She was busy playing games with her friends when Naradji came to her, saw her Palm-lines and predicted that she will get married with a naked trible ‘Bhole Baba’ who was with her in her previous birth in the form of Devi Sati, daughter of King Daksha which she needs to perform penance for him.

There upon Parvati told her mother Menaka that she would marry none other except Shambhu, otherwise she would remain unmarried in her whole life and she went to observe penance from then. That is why her name is famous as Tapacharini – Brahmacharini and from that time her name Uma became familiar.
devi chandraghanta

Devi Chandraghanta

The name of the third Durga Shakti is Devi Chandraghanta. She is Golden in color, charm and bright with half-circular moon in her forehead. She has three eyes and ten hands holding with ten types of celestial weapons seated on a Lion and ready to fight in a war with unprecedented image of bravery. The frightful sound of her bell terrifies all the villains, demons and danavas.
devi kusamanda

Devi Kusamanda

Devi Kushmanda is the fourth form of Durga Mata. The Shakti creates egg (Universe by mere laughing). Kushmanda resides in solar systems and shines brightly in all the ten directions like Sun. She has eight hands in which seven types of weapons are shining in her seven hands and Rosary is in her right hand riding a lion. She likes the offerings of "Kumhde" and thereafter her name "Kushmanda" has become famous.
devi skandamata

Devi Skandamata

Devi Skandamata or "Skanda Mata" is the fifth different forms of Durga Mata. After observing penance, the daughter of Himalaya, got married with Shiva and they had a son named "Skanda" who is a leader of the army of Gods. Skanda Mata is also a deity of fire. Skanda is white seated in her lap on a lotus who has three eyes and four hands.
devi katyayani

Devi Katyayani

Sixth form of Durga Mata is Devi Katyayani daughter of Rishi Katyayan. Rishi Katyayan had observed penance with a desire to get paramba as his daughter. As a result she took birth as a daughter of Katyayan. Therefore her name is "Katyayani". She has three eyes and eight hands. These are eight types of weapons missiles in her seven hands riding on a Lion. To destroy demon Mahishasura, the Mother Goddess manifested as Goddess Katyayani. This is one of the more violent forms of the Mother Goddess in which she manifests as a Warrior Goddess.
devi kalaratri

Devi Kalaratri

The Seventh form of Durga Mata is Devi Kalaratri. She is black like night with hairs unlocked wearing necklaces shining like lightning. She has three bright eyes which are round like universe. While respiring from nose thousands of flames of fire comes out. She rides on Shava (dead body) with a sharp sword in her right hand. Her lower hand is in blessing mood. The burning torch (mashal) is in her left hand and her lower left hand is in fearless style, by which she makes her devotees fearless. Being auspicious she is also called "Shubhamkari." Devi Kalaratri is the fiercest and the most ferocious form of the Mother Goddess, in which she manifests to destroy the demons, Sumbha and Nisumbha.
devi mahagauri

Devi Mahagauri

The Eighth form of Durga Mata is Devi Mahagauri. According to Hindu mythology she is of sixteen years old and she is white as a conch, moon and Jasmine. Her clothes and ornaments are white and clean. She has three eyes. She has four hands riding a bull. The above left hand is in "Fearless - Mudra" and lower left hand holds "Trishul." The above right hand has tambourine and lower right hand is in blessing style. She is calm and peaceful and exists in peaceful style. It is said that when the body of Gauri became dirty due to dust and earth while observing penance, Shiva makes it clean with the waters of Ganges. Then her body became bright like lightening. Therefore, she is known as "Maha Gauri".
devi siddhidatri

Devi Siddhidatri

Devi Siddhidatri is the ninth form of Durga Mata. The meaning of Siddhidatri - ‘Siddhi’ means supernatural power and ‘Dhatri’ means awarder. Every year Devi Siddhidatri is worshipped on the ninth day of Navaratri and fulfills all the divine aspirations which complete the mundane.

According to legends, there are eight Siddhis commonly known as Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Iishitva & Vashitva. According to ‘Devipuran’, it is said that the supreme God Lord Shiva got all these siddhies by worshipping Maha Shakti. The half body of Lord Shiva has become Goddess and thus his name ‘Ardhanarishvar’ becomes famous.

Devi Siddhidatri has four hands riding on a lion. This form of Devi Durga is worshipped by all the Gods and Goddess, Rishis and Munis, Siddhas, Yogis, Sadhakas and devotees for attaining the best religious asset.