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Matri Somman 2023

Matri Somman

Matri Somman Puja Awards is our flagship event, where every year we set out on the road to recognize the best of the best in the field of art. Durga puja is not just an occasion for us, it is a passion, it is a feeling and it is, above all a fulfilling emotion. Hence, it is only justified that we recognize and celebrate this passion and the men behind it. Matri Somman is an event with a cause. The proceeds of every year go towards a charity and this year it won't be any different. This is a puja with a cause. This is a puja for all.

  • Step 1 - Registration
    Registration by the Puja Committees through the aforementioned Google form link. Last date of Registration is 28.09.2019 (Mahalaya)
  • Step 2 - Phase I (Preliminary JUDGEMENT)
    Team comprising of the judges will be visiting all the registered puja pandals from 29.09.2019 to 01.10.2019 and will be shortlisting 60 pujas out of them.
  • Step 3 - Phase II (Final JUDGEMENT)
    The judging committee will be visiting shortlisted 60 pujas and they will be marked in respective categories.
    The schedule for final phase of judgement will be on 02.10.2019 (Chothurthi)
  • Step 4 - Award Distribution
    The final result will be based on marks acquired by the pujas based on various categories. The awards will be distributed to them on 05.10.2019 (Saptami).
  • Shreshto Pujo
  • Shreshtho Bhabna
  • Shreshto Alokshojja
  • Shreshto Shamajik Prashongikota
  • Shreshto Bidyut Shangrokhyok Pujo
  • Shreshtho Paribesh Bandhob
  • Shreshto Mondop Nirapotta
  • Shreshto Pratima Shilpi
  • Shreshto Mandap Karigor
  • Shreshto Aboho
  • Only KOLKATA
  • Registration Form should be signed by the authorized person.
  • The Pandals should exhibits one poster of Rotract Club of Tollygugne Matri Somman at prominent positions to the end of the Pujas.
  • Judgements will be choturthi
  • All decisions of the jury members should be complied with
  • By signing this you accept that you have gone through and understood the rules and regulations stated above

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