maa kali Fireworks of Kali Puja

Fireworks of Kali Puja


The Kali Puja is held on the night of the New Moon in the Bengali month of Kartik. Kali Puja brings in a tidal wave of festive zeal amongst the various cross sections of society Kali Puja is one of the major festival for people in West Bengal and they celebrate the occasion with much gusto and enthusiasm. Just as people in North India light lamps to honor Lakshmi Ma during Lakshmi Puja, people in West Bengal celebrate Kali Puja by lighting lamps in honor of Goddess Kali. Houses are decorated and elaborate Rangoli pattern are drawn in front of houses and courtyard. Elaborate Kali Puja is carried out during the evening. As Goddess Kali is regarded as the Goddess to be feared Bengalis leave no stone unturned in carrying out a special Pooja for her. Through Puja people seek happiness, prosperity and protection against hardships.

The most popular event during Kali Puja is the burning of crackers. Previously, Kali Puja was synonymous with mind-blowing, often earth-shattering sound. It is a welcome relief that such torture has come to an end.

The West Bengal Pollution Control Board has clamped down on noisy firecracker manufacturers and has imposed a total ban on it. Ignoring the directive of the Pollution Control Board would invite stiff penalties. Already, policemen have fanned out in various parts of Nungi, the largest fireworks manufacturing base in West Bengal to see whether noisy firecrackers are being manufactured illegally. The Government is bent on putting an end to Diwali celebrations as well. People somehow procure noisy crackers and burst them with impunity. The police have issued stern warning to those violating the orders of the authorities.

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