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Khaneh-Tekani or Spring-Cleaning - Nowruz, Nauroz

nowruz, nauroz
Nowruz, Nauroz 2022

Spring cleaning the home is called Khaneh (home or house) Tekani (shake-up). Spring cleaning or Khaneh Tekani (literally means 'shaking the house') or 'complete cleaning of the house' is commonly performed before Nowruz. In the month leading up to New Year's Day, homes undergo thorough spring cleaning and preparations are made to set up a Nowruz table. Households purchase new clothes to wear for the New Year and the purchase of flowers (in particular the hyacinth and the tulip are popular and conspicuous), spring-clean the home, and make preparations for the Nowruz Table Spread.

During the Khaneh Tekani, all members of the home help and cooperate in thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny of the home. Debris from the past is removed from within the home and detritus from the outside. Carpets and curtains are washed, silverware polished, and windows cleaned.

After the cleaning, fragrant plants such as hyacinths and tube roses are brought into the house to freshen the air. Some Zoroastrians in India burn sandalwood in a fire chalice and walk the chalice throughout the house daily, filling air in the house with the scent of sandalwood. In the same manner, Zoroastrians in Iran burn and use wild rue, esfand. Some believe that the aromatic fumes help ward off evil spirits while welcoming the spirits of the departed during the Farvardigan Days.

After spring cleaning, the home is ready for a fresh start to the New Year. The home is also ready to receive guests during the customary Nowruz visitations.

In association with the "rebirth of nature", extensive spring-cleaning is a national tradition observed by almost every household in Persia. This is also extended to personal attire, and it is customary to buy at least one set of new clothes. On the New Year's Day, families dress in their new clothes and start the twelve-day celebrations by visiting the elders of their family, then the rest of their family and finally their friends. On the thirteenth day families leave their homes and picnic outdoors (Sizah-Bedar).

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