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Prayers of Nowruz, Nauroz

nowruz, nauroz
Prayers of Nowruz, Nauroz

After breakfast and family customs and ceremonies have been observed, the religious minded visit a temple to pray. Zoroastrian pray individually unless they participate in a special thanksgiving ceremony, called a Jashan Ceremony, led by a priest or priests. Families may invite or sponsor a thanksgiving or jashan ceremony performed a priest or priests at their home or in the temple.

Individuals prayers may include the patet, repentance in a self-appraisal for less than stellar thoughts, words and deeds during the past year, and in so doing prepare for a commitment for future goodness in a spiritually cleansed state. The patet is followed by thanksgiving and a commitment to a chosen path for the year and years to come.

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Nowruz, Nauroz 2022 dates
#Festival NameDate
1Nowruz, Nauroz21 March 2022 (Monday)

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