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All Souls or Farvardigan Days - Nowruz, Nauroz

nowruz, nauroz
Farohar / Fravahar - Stone carving at Persepolis.

Spring Growing Fresh Sprouts: At the start of the Farvardigan days - ten days before Nowruz or New Year's Day - households start to grow sprouted grains, primarily wheat. Sometimes barley, lentils, and other vegetable seeds are also shown. The grains or seeds are sprouted by soaking them on plates or round earthenware vessels. The various sprouts will grow to about three to four inches (seven to ten centimetres) in height by Nowruz.

faravahar pasargadae
Farohar / Fravahar

All Souls or Farvardigan Days
The last ten days of the year, are called the Farvardigan days in the Zoroastrian calendar. These days are dedicated to the remembrance of farohars (fravashis in the older Iranian language) - the spirits (that include the soul and persona) of those who have passed on from this material existence. The Farvardigan days can be regarded as all-souls-days. Parsi Zoroastrians call these days the Muktad.

During the Farvardigan days, prayers of remembrance are recited and the farohars are invited to join the community of souls, both living and departed, during the Hamaspathmaidyem Gahambar.

The common depiction of the farohar (seen on the right) is the winged motif used in royal Achaemenian (ancient Persian dynasty) engravings to depict the farohar of the king portrayed beneath the motif. Farohars have the ability to become guardian angels and in this capacity, farohars can lend their spiritual presence and grace to human beings.

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Nowruz, Nauroz 2022 dates
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1Nowruz, Nauroz21 March 2022 (Monday)

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