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Masik Durgashtami - Festival Greetings 2022

Masik Durgashtami 2022 dates
#Festival NameDate
1Masik Durgashtami01 November 2022 (Tuesday)
2Masik Durgashtami03 October 2022 (Monday)
3Masik Durgashtami04 September 2022 (Sunday)
4Masik Durgashtami05 August 2022 (Friday)
5Masik Durgashtami07 July 2022 (Thursday)
6Masik Durgashtami08 February 2022 (Tuesday)
7Masik Durgashtami08 June 2022 (Wednesday)
8Masik Durgashtami09 April 2022 (Saturday)
9Masik Durgashtami09 May 2022 (Monday)
10Masik Durgashtami10 January 2022 (Monday)
11Masik Durgashtami10 March 2022 (Thursday)
12Masik Durgashtami30 December 2022 (Friday)
13Masik Durgashtami30 November 2022 (Wednesday)


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