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Other Names of Ganesha

»  Other Names of Ganesha

Ganesha has many other titles including Ganapati and Vigneshvara. The Hindu title of respect Shri (Sri or Shree) is often added before his name. One popular way Ganesha is worshipped is by chanting a Ganesha Sahasranama, a litany of "a thousand names of Ganesha". Each name in the sahasranama conveys a different meaning and symbolises a different aspect of Ganesha. At least two different versions of the Ganesha Sahasranama exist; one version is drawn from the Ganesha Purana, a Hindu scripture venerating Ganesha.

The name Ganesha is a Sanskrit compound, joining the words gana, meaning a group, multitude, or categorical system and isha, meaning lord or master. The word gaņa when associated with Ganesha is often taken to refer to the gaņas, a troop of semi-divine beings that form part of the attendants/followers of Shiva.

The Amarakosha, an early Sanskrit lexicon, lists eight synonyms of Ganesha:

  • Vinayaka
  • Vighnaraja (equivalent to Vignesha)
  • Dvaimatura (one who has two mothers)
  • Gaṇadhipa (equivalent to Ganapati and Ganesha)
  • Ekadanta (one who has one tusk)
  • Heramba
  • Lambodara (one who has a pot belly, or, literally, one who has a hanging belly), and
  • Gajanana (having the face of an elephant).

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