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Shravana Putrada Ekadashi -

Ekadashi during Shravana Shukla Paksha is known as Putrada Ekadashi also known as Pavitropana Ekadashi and Pavitra Ekadashi, is a Hindu holy day, which falls on the 11th lunar day (ekadashi) of the fortnight of the waxing moon in the Hindu month of Shravana.

The word 'Putrada' signifies 'giver of sons' and henceforth it is believed that by observing the ekadashi fast in the month of Shravan by both husband and wife in particular, who do not have a son for a long time after marriage, can be fulfilled.

Hinduism gives emphasise to the rituals performed at the time of the Death, called "Shraddha". Hinduism prescribed certain rituals at the time of death, performed only by a son. The son also performs duty of performing regular Shraddha for the liberation of the soul. So not having a son becomes a misery for those who believe "life after death" concept of Hinduism.

Childless couples observe this Ekadashi with full devotion to be blessed with a boy child. On this day, 24 hours fasting is observed and the fasting should be ended after sunrise on next day. The fast begins on "dashami" and observer must eat only "Satvik food" before noon. Worship is offered to the god Vishnu.

The popular 5-day long Jhulan festival starts on Putrada Ekadashi. Idols of Lord Krishna and Radha placed on a swing which is decorated beautifully with flowers. The festivities end on the day of Shravana Poornima.

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