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Apara Ekadashi -

Ekadashi or Ekadasi according to Hindu calendar is known as the 11th day or 11th tithi of every lunar month. The meaning of Ekadashi or Ekadasi is eleven (11). It is considered as a spiritually beneficial day to the Hindus and to the Jains. According to Hindu calendar and positions of the moon, a month has 2 ekadashis, therefore a month is divided into two parts of fifteen days (15 days).

Apara Ekadashi is one such day that is observed in the second half of the month of Jeshtha (May or June) all over the country and considered as the most glorious one among all the ekadashi’s observed in a year. It is believed that one who fasts on this day is considered to become free from all the malefic sins, gains happy, peace and attain moksha. This festival is mainly celebrated in Madhya Pradesh and almost everyone tries to observe fast by visiting temples in huge numbers to pray for forgiveness and frees himself from all their past sins and reserves a place in heaven. This festival is also known as Achala Ekadashi, Bhadrakali Ekadashi, Vaishakh Vadi Ekadashi and Jalkrida Ekadashi across the nation.

»  Some of the story of Apara Ekadashi

Story of Lord Trivikrama: Lord Vishnu is the fifth avatar of Lord Trivikrama who taught a lesson to King Bali or Maha Bali in disguise. King Bali after being granted with the Chakravarty Samrat title, he became arrogant and attacked Lord Indra to leave from Heaven.

King Vishnu granted the protection for Lord Indra who took the avatar of Vamana (Lord Trivikrama) the Lord of Three Worlds. King Bali morally bound to Lord Vishnu and realized his mistakes. After that this day is celebrated as Apara Ekadashi every year.

Story of King Yudhishthir: The eldest brother of Pandavas in Mahabharata King Yudhishthir, asked the importance of Apara Ekadashi during one of his resting periods. This festival is mainly celebrated among the Hindu communities so that their past sins could wash out easily and people can easily remain in peace. Lord Krishna gave a perfect reply and this was a good example to people in modern days that maintained and observed fast on this Apara Ekadashi and realizes the benefits on an overall.

»  Rituals of Apara Ekadashi

Rituals of Apara Ekadashi include fasting, pujas and yagya in temples. On this day people give more importance to the rituals and are performed dedicatedly. A person who observes this day with utmost sincerity will seek the blessings from gods. Apara Ekadashi is mainly celebrated in Madhya Pradesh and is equally important to each and every people despite of their caste and their regions from where they come from.

# Name of the Festivals Date
1 April Fool Day 01 April, 2017 (Saturday)
2 Odisha Day 01 April, 2017 (Saturday)
3 Bank Holiday 01 April, 2017 (Saturday)
4 Lakshmi Panchami 01 April, 2017 (Saturday)
5 Rohini Vrat 01 April, 2017 (Saturday)
6 Skanda Sashti 01 April, 2017 (Saturday)
7 Yamuna Chhath 02 April, 2017 (Sunday)
8 Navapad Oli 03 April (Monday) - 11 April, 2017 (Tuesday)
9 Masik Durgashtami 04 April, 2017 (Tuesday)
10 Ram Navami 05 April, 2017 (Wednesday)
11 Babu Jagjivan Ram Birthday 05 April, 2017 (Wednesday)
12 Kamada Ekadashi (Shukrodaya) 07 April, 2017 (Friday)
13 Vamana Dwadashi 07 April, 2017 (Friday)
14 Pradosh Vrat 08 April, 2017 (Saturday)
15 Shani Trayodashi 08 April, 2017 (Saturday)
16 Panguni Uthiram 09 April, 2017 (Sunday)
17 Mahavir Jayanti 09 April, 2017 (Sunday)
18 Purnima Upavas 10 April, 2017 (Monday)
19 Chaitra Purnima 11 April, 2017 (Tuesday)
20 Hazrat Ali’s Birthday 11 April, 2017 (Tuesday)
21 Hanuman Jatanti 11 April, 2017 (Tuesday)
22 Jallianwala Bagh Day 13 April, 2017 (Thursday)
23 Baisakhi / Vaisakhi 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
24 Rongali Bihu / Bohag Bihu / Haat Bihu 14 April (Friday) - 16 April, 2017 (Sunday)
25 Tamil New Year / Puthandu 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
26 Dr Ambedkar Jayanti / Bhim Jayanti 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
27 Vishu Festival 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
28 Sankashti Chaturthi 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
29 Solar New Year 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
30 Mesha Sankranti 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
31 Vishu Kani 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
32 Biju Festival 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
33 Good Friday 14 April, 2017 (Friday)
34 Bengali New Year / Poila Baishakh 15 April, 2017 (Saturday)
35 Easter 16 April, 2017 (Sunday)
36 World Haemophilia Day 17 April, 2017 (Monday)
37 Patriots' Day 17 April, 2017 (Monday)
38 World Heritage Day 18 April, 2017 (Tuesday)
39 Kala Ashtami, Kalashtami 19 April, 2017 (Wednesday)
40 Garia Puja 21 April, 2017 (Friday)
41 Varuthini Ekadashi 22 April, 2017 (Saturday)
42 Shri Vallabhacharya Jayanti 22 April, 2017 (Saturday)
43 Earth Day 22 April, 2017 (Saturday)
44 World Book Day / International Day of the Book 23 April, 2017 (Sunday)
45 Shab E Miraj 24 April, 2017 (Monday)
46 Pradosh Vrat 24 April, 2017 (Monday)
47 Manav Ekta Divas 24 April, 2017 (Monday)
48 Papmochani Ekadashi 24 April, 2017 (Monday)
49 Masik Shivaratri 25 April, 2017 (Tuesday)
50 Darsha Amavasya 26 April, 2017 (Wednesday)
51 Parashurama Jayanti 28 April, 2017 (Friday)
52 Varshitap Parana 28 April, 2017 (Friday)
53 Akshaya Tritiya 28 April, 2017 (Friday)
54 Matangi Jayanti 29 April, 2017 (Saturday)
55 Ramanuja Acharya Jayanti 29 April, 2017 (Saturday)
56 Basava Jayanti 29 April, 2017 (Saturday)
57 Vinayaka Chaturthi 29 April, 2017 (Saturday)
58 Rohini Vrat 29 April, 2017 (Saturday)
59 Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti 30 April, 2017 (Sunday)
60 Surdas Jayanti 30 April, 2017 (Sunday)
61 Kaila Devi Fair
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